Clay Atkinson

Clay was born in Miami and grew up there before moving to Los Angeles in 1981. In 1995 at the Harvest Crusade his journey as a Christian began. The following year he married his wife of 19 years, Sheryl, and they immediately began being fruitful and multiplying. They attended Hope Chapel in Hermosa Beach for 11 years before moving to Branch of Hope in 2006. In 2008 Clay became a deacon at the Branch of Hope and in 2010 a music minister along with Eddie Booth. Branch of Hope is a wonderful church, where the Word of God is preached faithfully every week and the Reformed Faith is practiced.

John Cottrell

John Cottrell was raised Roman Catholic and stepped away from the church in his late teens. He came to faith as a young adult after his best friend shared the Gospel with him. He has attended Branch of Hope for over 20 years and is the drummer on the worship team and can often be seen working the sound board. In addition to drumming, John enjoys martial arts and being physically active. He works for FedEx and has two daughters and five adorable grandchildren.

Aaron Davies

Aaron is a software engineer who came to faith shortly after completing his degree at the California Institute of Technology where he also met his wife Delia. The Davies became members at Branch of Hope after attending the Bahnsen Conference in 2013. They have a growing family and are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord.

Mike Dunaway

Mike began attending Branch of Hope is 2002. For Mike Church needed to be more than just a social club where people came to feel good. He knew there was something missing in his previous worship, and desperately wanted to find a place where worship of God out shined working on one’s personal life. He had spent many years in a couple of other denominations, and knew that there was a better way to acknowledge the glory of our Maker. Years prior he had attended a U.S. history class at El Camino College, and heard about the preaching of Jonathan Edwards, and Calvinism. At the time it seemed oddly comforting, and right. His first attendance at Branch made him want more, and soon he applied for membership. Mike say, “God’s grace is sufficient, and I know that my life is in His wonderful hands.”

Calvin Kalbach

Calvin was born and raised in south Georgia. A child of believing parents, he was raised in the Southern Baptist Church and came to faith at the age of 8 during a summer Bible youth camp. Attending Southern Baptist churches all through grade school and college, Calvin was first introduced to the doctrines of grace through a Southern Baptist pastor and friend in about the year 2003 or 2004. Through further study and listening to the radio show “The White Horse Inn”, he came to fully understand the role of God’s sovereignty in salvation and began looking for a church that taught those doctrines. Another friend introduced Calvin to Branch of Hope in 2005 and Calvin began attending regularly in January of 2006–becoming a member shortly thereafter. Calvin is married to a lovely woman named Michelle and they have no children… yet. Calvin particularly enjoys serving on the board of deacons at Branch.

Albert Miranda

Born in the Philippines and raised in Southern California, Albert had a Christian upbringing and came to faith young. He grew up in Hawaiian Gardens, then moved to Cerritos in 2005. He became a communicant member of Branch of Hope in May 2011, after having embraced Reformed theology for several years. He’s currently finishing his undergraduate degree in accounting at Cal State Long Beach.

Bob Parucha

Bob Parucha is a long time resident of the South Bay, growing up in Torrance, California andgraduated from West High School. Bob attended UCSB as a student athlete, graduating with a BA in Psychology and a Master Degree in Religious Studies, Bob has known The Lord for over 10 years and after attending Faith Defenders in Irvine where he was baptized, Bob reunited with his friend of over 40 years, Pastor Paul Vigiano at Branch of Hope. Bob is enjoying the Lord’s grace with his wife Linda and looks forward to serving the congregation at Branch of Hope.

Aaron Rusalin

Daniel Adrean

Jacob Trimper

Jason Gallagher