Branch of Hope worship begins at 10:00 every Sunday morning. The service begins with a call to worship which is a reading from Scripture followed by an opportunity to confess our sins and call upon Christ for forgiveness and redemption. This is followed by worship in song. Our music is mostly from the hymnal with some exceptions. Some of the music is piano accompaniment only while some is light instrumentation. We have a weekly congregational reading, an offering and a time of prayer. Pastor Paul then gives a sermon based upon Scripture followed by weekly communion and a benediction.

For children 24 months and younger who are having a difficult time in the service, they are welcome in our nursery. They may stay with the assigned caregivers or a parent may wish to stay them. Although we recognize that it is quite difficult, we ask that the adults in the nursery participate as much as possible in the worship service via the video feed. Questions regarding the nursery can be directed to Jen Viggiano, 310-540-9978.

For toddlers and young children we have a “Training Room” with a window to the Sanctuary in it as well as video feed of the service where parents may work with helping their children learn to sit quietly and participate in worship.

Bible Studies/Home Fellowships

Home study groups meet twice monthly and provide an opportunity for Bible study, prayer, hospitality, encouragement, and fellowship with our church family, all to the glory of God.

Pastor Dale Hanaoka conducts a Bible study at church on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM.

If you would like more information on these studies please call Loren at the church office, 310-212-6999.

Sunday School

Following the morning worship service Pastor Paul, or the preaching pastor, conducts a question and answer time. While most questions and discussion centers on the sermon, any questions may be asked.

For young people each Sunday, from 11:30 to 12:15, we welcome members and visitors alike to our children’s Sunday school. Children may begin Sunday school at four years old and continue through their senior year of high school. During class we learn about our Lord as we study the Bible, memorize verses and catechisms, make crafts and projects and fellowship with other believers. We believe that Christian parents are the primary spiritual leaders of their children and it is our hope that Sunday school will give parents support as they tackle the important task of raising their children in the ways of the Lord.

Youth Group

Our Junior High (6th grade and up) and High School (9th grade and up) groups meet on Monday at 7pm for an evening of Bible study, student lead worship, prayer and fellowship. For more information call Larry Mauro, 310-809-6352.

Evangelism, Missions and Outreach

Branch of Hope participates in supporting missions throughout the world through the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. We also support numerous young people as they attend summer mission projects worldwide. Locally we conduct a neighborhood visitation program, distributing literature about Branch of Hope and inviting our neighbors to church. Each week sermons are put on CDs so that we can share them with friends and neighbors.

We endeavor to preach the word to the community by broadcasting Pastor Paul’s sermons on KKLA.

We also participate in and support various outreach ministries in our local community including Beacon Light Mission, Doors of Hope, Villa del Sorrento Retirement, Angel Tree, and more.


Our church family loves to spend time together. We have a variety of family activities from which to choose: potlucks on the first Sunday of each month, picnics, beach days, chili cook-offs, family camp, a yearly spaghetti dinner and bingo night, talent shows, a Reformation Day Service which includes many fun events for kids and a Christmas party. Married couples in our church gather once yearly to enjoy an evening with appetizers, dinner, drinks, and games. Check the master calendar for the next scheduled event.

Men’s and Women’s Ministries

In addition to a weekly morning Bible Study, the men enjoy regularly scheduled breakfasts, softball games, father/son events, and a daddy/daughter dinner and dance.

The women participate in outreach activities, breakfasts, Bunco, hikes, mother/daughter teas and slumber parties, recipe exchanges, and a Christmas cookie and ornament exchange. Check the master calendar for the next scheduled event.


There are always ways to serve others at Branch of Hope. We always welcome new people, and encourage members, to participate in outreach ministries, ministries within the church and in all areas of life. Our worship group welcomes new singers and musicians, our visitation program could always distribute more materials, our Sunday school welcomes new teachers and aids, another home to host a Bible study, etc. Branch of Hope would love for you to consider serving through our church.


A pastor led prayer time is included every Sunday morning along with prayer requests listed in the bulletin. A more comprehensive electronic prayer list is sent to members each week so that we can pray for one another. We tend to urgent prayer requests by emailing our members. Prayer times occur at each Bible study throughout the week. Members and non-members are encouraged to submit their prayer requests to Pastor Paul, the elders and the congregation. We realize that some requests may be personal and Pastor Paul will honor any request to keep the matter just between you and him. If you like, the elders can also be included.


We view children as part of the church and encourage their participation in the church service from the very beginning. Branch is blessed with many children and they are always welcome at church wide activities.

Geared specifically for children, we offer a Summer Missions Camp which is a VBS style day camp for children where they can learn about a particular country and how the Lord is working there as they go to class, make crafts, sing and play. During Summer Missions Camp, the kids also participate in an outreach ministry to missionaries in the country we are studying. We would love to have you join us!

For Branch of Hope members, we offer a private school program which may include Wednesday enrichment classes at a low cost to the families.